10x10x10 LED Cube Driver Board Test

I was able to begin testing the 10x10x10 LED driver board recently. A few days ago I had written a simple Arduino sketch to verify that for a single layer it was working and nothing else. The code clears the LED's out and then begins to write in 1's until the full layer is lit. With the full layer lit there is a current draw of a little under 2A, which matches the design expectations while using 20mA LED's. Here is a video of that first test.
Today I took some time to keep messing with the code and start speeding things up. With zero delays anywhere all the LED's appear as on, but very bright. This is expected, and will be addressed in the future. For now I am only trying to test if the board will operate at the desired speeds. The following video is a test where I am shifting a single 1 bit into the layer, then moving it one LED at a time. All of the bits being shifted in behind it are 0's. There is a delay of 0.5ms between each shift operation. It appears that many are lit at any given time due to the refresh rate of my cell phone camera.
Progress is definatly being made, and the next step will be to test that the MOSFET's for the layer control switch as fast as desired. Following that, the board will be handed off to the people who are assembling the rest of the cube and the programmers.

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